Application Domain

Application Domain

Application Domain


Energy storage cabinet

Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the issue of power supply and demand with alternative sources of energy stored and used effectively in a timely manner. What’s closely related to it is the energy storage system; the internal operation of the system will inevitably generate waste heat. As a result, making an appropriate configuration of cooling fans is indispensable to maintaining the operation.

Not only using a centrifugal fan to bring out waste heat as well as an axial fan to direct the airflow and exhaust the heat out of the cabinet is the actual application on the customer side, but also using EC axial fan to save energy directly and stabilize the internal output to maintain the operating temperature

APPLICATION : Energy storage cabinet radiation solutions



Charging pile

With the rising awareness of reducing carbon emissions and alleviating the greenhouse effect, electric vehicles have increasingly become more and more popular in recent years. Manufacturers from all industries have widely set up charging piles or charging stations for electric vehicle owners to use.

When it comes to the heat dissipation of EV charging piles, the most effective way is using air cooling to take the waste heat away from the cabinet to prevent the parts inside the cabinet from being affected by the erosion of vapor or other environmental factors,

When the charging piles reach a high-voltage level during operation, it is more likely to generate heat; therefore, this is the time to install a fan with a large air volume at the air outlet to attain a good dissipation performance. The axial flow of Fulltech is suitable for the heat dissipation of charging piles. Its high-volume design can provide sufficient heat dissipation solutions for the electric machine room; in addition, an anti-salt spray model is also available to meet the customer’s needs.

APPLICATION : Charging pile




We go into the digital times, because of the popularity of smart phones. With the demand of high network coverage, we need to build base stations extensively to meet the demand for quick internet access. From 3G to the current 5G telecommunication, with the wider bandwidth, the faster network speed, but also easier to generate higher temperature during the machines. A high efficient thermal management solution is a vital key to keep 5G station operation stable.

Fulltech EC fan series are specialized with low power consumption and high efficiency, and also with the lower motor temp rising, the fan are with longer life cycles. Also, our EC fan can be customized based on the customers’ requirement, such as IP68 and ATEX (Anti-Explosion), which allows the fans can be used outdoor or some extreme environment.

APPLICATION : Telecommunication cabinet, 5G station, Server cabinet



Commercial Freezer/ refrigerator

Upon the trends of energy efficiency and carbon reduction all over the world, using energy saving EC fan will become main stream. Especially for the energy consumption device like freezer, in addition to improving from the core compressor unit, installing EC fan will also reduce the energy consumption 50% more than AC fan. Fan not only can cool down compressor, but also accelerate the air convection in the freezer.

The environment is very humid in the freezer. Fulltech’s EC fan have State-of-the-art waterproof technology to make the protection of integrally formed motor to avoid the fault of EC fan. During the Product verification, the Fulltech fan has pass constant temperature and humidity environment (-20℃~70℃), 15 times cycle with total 300 hours of effective verification.

APPLICATION : Commercial freezer


Power Supply Equipment

Electricity is the most indispensable in our daily life, which can be converted by various power generation equipment through different types of power source, such as solar energy, wind power, and nuclear power. During the conversion process, the inevitable side effects is large amount of heat generated. So, it is very important to have a safe and high efficient cooling fan for the power converting equipment.

Based on customers’ requirement, Fulltech AC fan products can be customized to add the alarm signal function and along with the signal devices, it is easy for customers to be aware whenever the equipment is malfunction. And it helps customers to replace the fan on time to avoid the possible damage of the equipment. Also, it helps customers to monitor the fans operation which increases the maintenance efficiency and lower the manpower maintenance cost.

APPLICATION : Nuclear power equipment, Solar power generator, Wind energy equipment, Electric car charging station



Commercial Cooking System

Limited by the size and internal design, large-scale commercial ovens or bakery equipment can’t perform well enough if the heat convection is only generated by the heating tube alone. It will help the machine to perform much better if we install a fan inside properly to increase the internal heat circulation.

Fulltech AC fan with metal impeller which can withstand higher operation temperature, which allows the fan to operate well inside the bakery machines or ovens. And with the AC fans’ lower rising temp and big air flow along with ball bearings made in Japan, the longer life cycles can be expected.

APPLICATION : Commercial oven, Baking equipment


Medical Industry

As global is gradually moving into aging society, the need of complete medical system is also growing. Recently, benefit from the advance of medical technology, many high-tech medical equipment are developed and used. To work stably in the process of curing, the most important thing is whether the quality of AC fan meets the standard.。

From small equipment, such as ventilator, to big one, such as MRI and CT scanner, all need AC fans to cool down. To make sure the security of AC fan complies the standard of medical device, Fulltech choose high-quality materials, for example, Japan made ball bearing, high-level silicon steel sheet and by reliable general inspection. By doing so, Fulltech provides the best quality of AC fan products.

APPLICATION : Ventilator, MRI, CT scanner



LED Display

LED is a light-emitting element, which has the advantage of high efficiency, long life and low energy consumption. But its performance will decline easily due to the influence of high temperature. Therefore, Therefore, LED luminaires require better thermal solutions than traditional lighting in order to keep the life-cycle of luminaires. As LED is becoming more common as the main choice of general illumination, it improves the application value of cooling fan.

Outdoor large LED display board needs to be equipped with selected AC cooling fan for two reasons—the requirement of high heat dissipation caused by high brightness and the environment risk of outdoor installation. The Fulltech Waterproof AC fan uses State-of-the-art waterproof technology to design integrated motor and bring the waterproof result successfully. It can resist the erosion of outdoor harsh environment and is more durable and long life than normal fan.




Air Purification

In those years, people have been discussing the disease or damage that possible caused by air pollution to the human beings. We know now that PM2.5 suspended particles is inevitably emitted if fossil fuel is used. And if those particles are spreading in the air, human beings will be easily inhale it through breathing, so air purifying related products are very popular in those years. Air purifier products requires continuously operation, as they inhale the air, purify the air and then exhale the fresh air non-stop, so the durability and efficiency of the fan is the core for good air purifying products.

Fulltech AC cooling fan with high air flow and low noise performance. And, with the high quality components we used, Fulltech AC cooling fans are with good quality and durability, in addition, Fulltech AC cooling fans can be customized with higher IP protection to work in an extreme operation environment

APPLICATION : Air purifier, Disinfection machine



Industrial Production

The large machines used in the industrial production, for instance, CNC machine, spot welding machine or the control box that belongs to the power control system, their control panel, motor and metal enclosure will generate high temperature when work with high power and thus affect their performance.

The blade of Fulltech’s fan has good balance of the impeller, enhancing the air efficiency and stability, and increase heat dissipation. In the long-term operation, AC fan can maintain a low temperature rise. Its fan motor has a large torque, which is able to get higher speed and higher airflow under the same environment

APPLICATION : CNC machine, Spot welding machine, Control box, UPS system



Elevator is an enclosed and small space. To sustain the air convection in it, the cross flow fan will be installed on the top of elevator to enhance the ventilation. Fulltech designs different sizes of cross flow fans for commercial or residential elevators, which featured in high air flow, low noise and high efficiency of air exchange, that the users can choose according to their requirements.

APPLICATION : Commercial elevator, Residential elevator