Equipment & Production Line

Equipment & Production Line

Equipment & Production Line

Three production lines with modernized equipment and are capable to inspect on site.
Production maximization with higher quality standard

To produce the fans with high quality and better efficiency, Fulltech introduced the modernized equipment, with a group of skilled workers to set up a highly efficient production line.

Now, Fulltech production is 20% Automatic, 40% semi-Automatic, and 40% manual.

Also, Fulltech designed the production machinery with professional testing equipment, including noise, vibration, balancing, electricity test and so on, to be able to inspect the defective on-site, and to have the best capacity utilization.

Electrical Discharge

Insulation test to ensure no electrical leakage of the fans.


All our fans comply with safety certification, TUV, UL, CE.

Packaging material

Specific package design for each model, to protect the fans best during the transportation.