Keep Distance & Stay Together! Fulltech is producing AC & EC fan for medical devices


Keep Distance & Stay Together! Fulltech is producing AC & EC fan for medical devices

Due to the continuous spread out of COVID-19, more and more confirmed cases have overwhelmed medical system in each country and more and more medical devices are needed for this situation.

Under the serious challenges worldwide, it is urgent and necessary for everyone to be prepared and protect ourselves for the epidemic, especially, to set a disinfection ventilation machine in an airtight environment.

Recently, the global medical resources have almost reached to the limit, but Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. Is prepared to fight together with various medical equipment manufacturers under the circumstances.

Fulltech's AC cooling fan is with sufficient cooling efficiency and stable quality, which is perfect to be used in the medical device to make sure the stable operation of the device, and avoid the possible device malfunction or damage from the heat generated. Also, with the low noise cooling fan by Fulltech Electric, it helps to provide patients adequate air flow in a comfortable environment, such as, respirator or negative pressure ward, which is vital device or equipment for COVID-19 treatment.

In the serious situation of COVID-19, all Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. employees are doing the necessary action with everyone together to be prepared and prevent from   epidemic, such as, keep social distancing as required; wearing face masks if you have cold, in the crowded area or public transportation; don’t go to the airtight space where with many people and so on.

Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. devoted ourselves to manufacture cooling fans with high-quality and high-efficiency. And we will work through with everyone together during this difficult times.

Here are the Fulltech Electric cooling fans which have been used in the medical equipment and device:

Ventilator, Oxygen generator:

Model Description Size Safety Approval
UF12A23BTM Axial fan, 230Vac, ball bearing 120x120x38mm, plastic impeller UL.CE.TUV. IP55


Disinfection machine:

Model Description Size Safety Approval
UF12B11BTL Axial fan, 115Vac, ball bearing 120x120x25mm, plastic impeller UL.CE.TUV


Negative pressure isolation equipment:

Model Description Size Safety Approval
UF160DPB23H1S2A Blower fan, 230Vac, ball bearing 220x220x56.2 mm, plastic impeller UL.CE.TUV


CT Scanner:

Model Description Size Safety Approval
UF190APA23H1C2A Centrifugal fan, 230Vac, ball bearing ø190x70 mm, plastic impeller UL.CE.TUV
Model Description Size Safety Approval
UF15KC11B-H Axial fan, 115Vac, ball bearing 172x150x55 mm, plastic impeller UL.CE.TUV. IP55


You may purchase the reliable AC cooling fan through the electronic components dealers cooperated with Fulltech Electric, also you may contact with us through Fulltech website for further information.